Jammie has only one regret, but plenty of scars and memories.

On January 2nd, 1999, Jammie King was partying with some friends when he stepped outside to get some fresh air. As he walked outside from the tower project he called home, he noticed a group of people gathering. Suspicious, he went to investigate. Jammie was ambushed, a scuffle ensued, and Jammie was shot in the neck. As he fell to the ground, he was shot four more times, three in the back, and once in the leg.

A large scar across his stomach serves as a constant reminder of that night. Almost 20 years later, he can vividly recall the moment he woke up with in the hospital, and the realization that he couldn’t walk. He remembers the shock he felt post-surgery, laying in bed as a physician slowly unrolled the bandages from his stomach to show the open wound to colleagues. He is still haunted, even today, by the fleeting pain of his wounds.

Jamie would spend the next five years attached to a colostomy bag, three of of which would be spent in prison after he was caught in with an illegal firearm.

When asked if he could change anything, he admitted that he would have left his home with gun. “I know that’s not what you were expecting,” he says, “but that’s the truth.”

About Dominic Gwinn (6 Articles)
Dominic Gwinn is a student journalist living in Chicago attending Roosevelt University. In the past, he has written about the Chicago Public School System for EXTRA News, a bi-lingual English-Spainish newspaper in Chicago. He currently writes for political satire site, Wonkette.

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