Born and raised in the Cabrini Green projects, J-Mac and his pregnant girlfriend were shot in 2012.

Jonathan “J-Mac” Evans and his pregnant girlfriend were shot in 2012 while walking out of a friends apartment. Jonathan was “born and raised” in Chicago’s infamous Cabrini Green housing project, and at the time of filming resided in its row-houses near what is today called “Seward Park.” A month after filming, J-Mac was evicted, and is believed to now reside on the South Side of Chicago.

A friend of Brother Jim, J-Mac has watched his neighborhood change dramatically. At the time, he admitted that the changes seemed to be for the better. The shootings that were once so common in the neighborhood have dwindled as the city reclaims area with upscale apartment complexes and department stores. Once one of the most violent areas in America, the area has been re-branded to attract wealthier residents.

Though the chances of being shot for quick trip to the store have been drastically reduce, he is still cautious. The low-income row-houses where he grew up still house many of Cabrini’s residents, and J-Mac his forever nostalgic for the home he once had. “It was bad,” he says, “but it was my home.”

About Dominic Gwinn (6 Articles)
Dominic Gwinn is a student journalist living in Chicago attending Roosevelt University. In the past, he has written about the Chicago Public School System for EXTRA News, a bi-lingual English-Spainish newspaper in Chicago. He currently writes for political satire site, Wonkette.

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